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CrimeSpot On Your Site

Now you too can have the latest updates from the crime and mystery world right on your site. With CrimeSpotExpress, the three most recent posts from CrimeSpot can be displayed in a handsome box just like that one over there to the right, and all that's required is a single line of code:

Copy this code and paste it into your web page or template where you want the box to appear. CrimeSpot is updated six times per day, and just like magic (or sufficiently advanced technology) these updates will appear on your site.

So what's the catch? As with any external content of this type, loading the CrimeSpotExpress file could slow down loading the rest of your page, and in some cases you may not be able to load the file at all. In these instances there will be no error, the CSE box will just not be displayed.

There's no sign-up for CrimeSpotExpress, no passwords to remember, nothing to download. If you want to try it out you're under no obligation to continue using it. If it doesn't work for you, just remove the code.

Note: Please be aware of CrimeSpot's editorial policy - we don't censor, so if you are reluctant to have rude words show up on your site without your knowledge or consent, you might want to think twice before continuing.